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On Celebrity is packed with stories of celebrities who have lost control. It doesn’t have to happen to you. Bad examples can also teach us good lessons. Take a look at three tips you need to apply to always gamble consciously.

Only gamble if you can afford to lose

This is the number one key to responsible and successful gambling. It is so fundamentally obvious. However, countless people have disregarded this advice and initiated a spiral of losses and addiction.

You should always see gambling as a way to win money, and never to lose it. If there are any indications that the bet you are placing is one you will not afford to lose, don’t bet. Measure all the risks wisely and timely.

Even if you are an experienced gambler, your know-how won’t save you if you don’t make all the necessary calculations before entering the risky territory. For that reason, we suggest that beginners and experts alike stick mostly to stakes of 10 dollars at a time.

View your winnings as a long-term investment

The truth is: gambling is not a stable and consistent source of income you can rely on. Some months you will lose money, some months you will break even and others you will finally reach a positive balance.

What do we mean by this? Your gambling strategy should be guided by a long-term approach. All of the bets you place and all of the winnings you hit must be properly put together in an equation that results in an overall solid profit after months of gambling.

View gambling as a stock market investment. You will only collect the profits in the long run. Take all of the fantasies about recurring winning streaks off your mind. It will save you from many disappointments. And it will keep you calm, conscious and smart while betting.

The golden tip we give you is to not spend your winnings immediately or even in the short-term. They should be used to smooth future losses. Be patient. If you use your money intelligently, you will likely win big when the right time comes.

Keep rational and calm

As hard as it may be, you should never develop any kind of emotional relation to gambling. You need to keep a rational distance from your bets and your wins. Whether you win or lose, don’t let emotions drive you into states of reckless excitement or crushing despair.

You don’t necessarily have to keep gambling when you win or quit when you lose. It can be the opposite. For that, you need to fully understand the game. Studying and strategizing is a step you simply can’t skip.