3 Actresses Who Are Really into Gambling

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It’s not only men that can get addicted to gambling. In fact, many female celebrities have experienced that reality. However, some of them have been very successful and are now pro gamblers. Check our three actresses who are really into gambling.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is an actress, producer and model, whose second occupation as an expert poker player has been quite successful. Elizabeth has been proving that women are more than capable of defeating men at the poker tables.

Shannon Elizabeth found overnight success with the movie American Pie. She went on to play in the mega-flick Love Actually, co-producing various movies along the way.

When it comes to her poker side career, which is basically becoming her main career, Elizabeth is said to have won almost 250,000 dollars.

Postimage 3ActressesWhoAreReallyintoGambling modelactress - 3 Actresses Who Are Really into Gambling

Pamela Anderson

Actress, model, producer, activist and showgirl, Pamela Anderson has also added gambler to her resume. She was reportedly very unlucky one night when she lost 250,000 dollars in Las Vegas.

Anderson was brutally honest during an interview in which she admitted to having paid a gentleman with sexual favors so he would clear her debt. Curiously and quite hilariously, they ended up falling in love. To this day, she still likes to gamble.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is an Academy Award-nominated actress who is also known as one of the most successful gamblers in the world. Poker is her go-to and she has won various World Series titles.

Tilly’s addiction has led to episodes of extreme stress, though. For instance, in 2012, the actress and expert gambler were seen sleeping on benches during the World Series. She has admitted that the game causes her severe anxiety, which is why she quit the tables for a while, only to end up returning.

Throughout their careers in acting and gambling, these women have gone through downfalls and triumphs.

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