Welcome to On Celebrity, a blog dedicated to bringing readers the latest news and information on celebrities and their gambling habits.

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Dealing and winning in the world of celebrities

Hello there and welcome to our fresh new blog On Celebrity. Our site focuses on celebrity gossip, news and stories specifically revolving around the topic of gambling.

During late 2018, our group of friends came up with the idea for this blog. We all love to gamble and are advocates for responsible betting. Additionally, we love to read about the world of entertainment and celebrity news.

In the middle of an impromptu brainstorming session, we started discussing how we could mix all that together and create a brand-new online space. How would we develop a blog that would attract both gambling and celebrity gossip aficionados?

In a lightbulb moment, the basic concept for On Celebrity came to life. And our premise is still the same.

We want to bring you top-quality content on celebrities who have struggled with their gambling addictions and promote awareness of how the consequences from that addiction can turn out to be so different from case to case.

Everyone can fall in the trap of irresponsible gambling, regardless of their age, income, knowledge, talent or status. On Celebrity is filled with proof of that, from athletes to musicians and actors.

Our blog has been online since March 2019. As you can see, it is still a little baby. But it’s full of potential and promising features to keep our growing number of readers entertained while also reflecting on their own gambling habits.

That’s the goal we have always wanted to go for. A fun, light and witty digital environment for thinking. Start browsing right now!