6 Rumor Sites to Read Celebrity Gambling Stories

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Have you ever wondered where you can find the best celebrity gambling rumors before most people? Look no further. Here, we have six of the top sources.

Oh No, They Didn’t!

The name of the site is pretty self-explanatory. On Oh No They Didn’t! you will find the biggest celebrity rumors and scandals before they hit any other place around the web.

The site is a community of gossip writers who are constantly submitting new content to the platform. As there are so many contributors, the articles are varied, unique and extremely fast to arrive.

Celebs from all art and entertainment spheres are featured. If there were to be another celebrity gambling ring story breaking out, rest assured that Oh No They Didn’t! would have it all covered immediately.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is self-proclaimed gossip media royalty. If there is any conceivable rumor about a celebrity, it is much likely featured on Perez Hilton. So, be sure to check it to see which gambling rumors were posted exclusively on the blog.

The site’s unwavering devotion to rumors makes it sometimes come up with obviously fabricated stories. Many times, though, Perez Hilton is the first to give factual updates about stuff you never saw coming.

That’s because he is such an established insider in the entertainment industry. He has scooped one-on-one juicy details from huge stars.

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Who hasn’t heard about TMZ? The reporters for the site are probably the number one enemy to celebrities across the entertainment industry. TMZ covers a massive amount of rumors. You will never be bored browsing the website.

TMZ has helped celebrity gambling stories see the light of day in the past and provided the most detailed information about the episodes.

Pop Sugar

On Pop Sugar, you will find countless photo galleries with candid pics and paparazzi shots. When a celeb is caught in the middle of some gambling trouble, be sure that Pop Sugar will notify the event with loads of images.

This is a light, fun and witty website filled with the rumors you don’t want to miss.


Celebuzz has built a reputation of being quite snarky and aggressive in its celebrity reports. In the event of breaking gambling rumors, Celebuzz would definitely be very judgmental. And the writers would try to dish out as many dirt as possible.

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The focus of Dlisted is in providing the best celebrity gossip stories as hilariously as they get, making fun of the unfortunate situations in which stars are caught. The commentary is always sharp and comedic.

Can you imagine how Dlisted would go about the repeated gambling downfalls of actors like Charlie Sheen and Ben Affleck? Or that infamous multi-million gambling ring back in 2011?

In addition to these six websites, there are also several gambling-specific blogs, news platforms and online magazines that regularly publish celebrity gambling stories.