2 Famous Athletes with Gambling Problems

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A career in sports can make an athlete incredibly rich almost overnight. And celebrity sportsmen are not immune to fall into the traps of an immoderate gambling lifestyle. The more money you have, the more money you want. But the luck will eventually dry out if you choose to gamble, even online following proper US gambling laws.

When that time arrives and all the gambling problems come to the surface, the monetary and interpersonal losses can grow massive. Take a look at two successful athletes who have tasted the bittersweet thrill of gambling.

Pete Rose

Every time a list is published with the names of the biggest celebrity gamblers, Peter Rose is part of it. That’s because he has probably paid the highest price of them all. Peter Rose is an iconic baseball player. But many people have gone on to know him as a big-time baseball bettor.

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Around the time he was managing the Reds, Rose used to bet at least 10,000 dollars every day. The punishment for his conduct is unparalleled. He was banned from Major League Baseball.

And although he has made outstanding contributions to the sport throughout his career as a player and a manager, Rose is ineligible to enter the Hall of Fame.

Peter Rose is a living example of how a gambling addiction can lead to unmeasurable losses not only in money but to one’s life work and reputation.

Michael Jordan

Considered by many as the greatest basketball player to have ever lived, Michael Jordan has had his share of gambling problems. Being such a famous athlete, it is only natural that many of the stories surrounding his gambling addiction were merely fabricated.

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However, it is known that Jordan has bet thousands or millions of dollars at golf courses and casinos.

Many people say that, to this day, he still gambles frequently. Others even state that Jordan only stepped away from basketball for a couple of years and tried out a baseball career so that the NBA wouldn’t condemn his gambling addiction.

Other athletes with severe gambling problems include Charles Barkley, Floyd Mayweather and John Daly.